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Calorie Counting is Dead in 2022

Right now, if reports from health agencies are accurate, there could be a billion people on the planet experiencing weight problems.

The health and fitness industry which generates billions of dollars in health-related revenues continues to churn out various weight loss programs based on drastically reduced-calorie diets along with strenuous workouts, and you wonder why the obesity rates are still increasing and whether such an approach is really effective.

Many of the makers of these programs, of course, stress that in order for them to work you heed to persevere, be disciplined and have the tenacity to persist in the face of difficulties that said programs are liable to bring in.

Perhaps the difficulties that you have to undergo when employing these weight loss routines is the main problem which means that all along makers may have been selling an approach that hardly works in the first place.

Lose weight fast?

You or anyone else for that matter will have a hard time resisting that kind of marketing pitch.

Calorie Deficit, a New and More Effective Approach

Fortunately, some weight loss advocates are trying to shift approaches, from low-calorie diets to less stressful methods.

And they base the shift on something that’s simple and logical – calorie deficit.

When you are overweight, it only means one thing; you have fat

deposits in your body that your metabolism can’t process.

The question is why your metabolism can’t do that.

The answer is you are taking more calories than your metabolism can handle.

Does this mean that you have to starve yourself in order to lose weight?

Of course not, you will be risking your health if you do that and you will end up dealing with worse problems than before.

The key to losing weight without experiencing a whole range of issues is to create a calorie deficit, which simply means that you eat fewer calories than your body demands.

Fewer calories are the keywords, not zero-calories.

When you take in fewer calories and you work out, your body starts burning your fat deposits to supply you with the energy you need for the workouts.

Naturally when your body burns fat deposits every day you will not be far away from your ideal weight.


The calorie deficit approach has many advantages that are not present in drastically reduced weight loss diets.

You do not need specially prepared meals to ensure the required calorie intake levels.

All you need to is to eliminate some of the calorie loaded foods you are in the habit of eating.

Your body won’t be deprived of energy which allows it to function normally and you will feel good as you lose weight.

Aside from reducing the calories, your diet has to be as nutritionally balanced as you can make it.

You want the natural body cleansers in it to help your metabolism work more efficiently.

You need the proteins and other nutrients that promote good health.


One of the benefits of the calorie deficit approach to losing weight is your health is never compromised; instead, you can become healthier.

And unlike low-calorie diets that make it difficult for you to protect gains because the deprivation will make the foods you used to eat hard to resist, with this approach since it’s slower the diet will be a habit by the time you have realized your weight reduction goals.